Woronora Road Veterinary Clinic
We prefer our clients to make an appointment to reduce waiting time...



Our Services

At Woronora Rd Veterinary Clinic, we provide a wide range of services.

  • Both Dr Westwood and Dr McGuiness are experienced surgeons...Consultations. We are available 6 days a week for consultations. We prefer our clients to make an appointment to reduce waiting time. We consult from 9-12 am and 3.45 -7 pm Monday to Friday and 9 till 12 on Saturday. Emergencies or urgent medical cases will be seen immediately.
  • Medical. During your consultation, our vets will take a full medical history, and perform a thorough patient examination. Sometimes other tests or aids are necessary. We have access to a wide range of resources either in our clinic or by referral, in order to diagnose and treat your animal.
  • Surgery. Both Dr Westwood and Dr McGuiness are experienced surgeons. We perform all types of surgery, including soft tissue, orthopaedic and desexings.
  • Hospital. All pets that stay with us are kept in a comfortable hospital ward and monitored by our Veterinarians and Nurses. Your pet can expect comfortable bedding, heat mat, and plenty of attention. Intravenous fluids and medical treatment are provided as required.
  • Dentistry. Oral hygiene to be an important part of a pet’s well-being. At each consultation we will check your animal's teeth and can advise you on preventative measures. If necessary, we perform dental cleaning with an iM3 ultrasonic dental machine.
  • Anaesthesia. Anaesthesia regimes are tailored to each individual patient and are monitored with pulse oximetry.
  • Pathology. We perform some pathology tests on our premises, and some tests are sent to the laboratory, usually with either a same day or next morning result.
  • Radiology. Is performed on our premises when needed to diagnose your pet.
  • Microchipping. All pets should be microchipped for identification. We are licensed to insert microchips at our practice. Also, if your pet goes missing and is brought to us, we can scan its microchip. We have online access to the data base to help you be reunited with you pet as quickly as possible.
  • Vaccination. We offer vaccinations for all pets tailored to their individual needs. As part of your vaccination visit, we perform a full physical examination of your pet including a weight and dental check.
  • Puppy Classes. Please see our puppy school page.
  • Over the counter. Flea, tick, heartworm and worm products, and a range of skin care products are available. We also stock a comprehensive range of Veterinary prescription diets.
  • Advice. Professional advice on nutrition, vaccinations, parasite control, animal behaviour, dental care is available from our Veterinary Nurses and Veterinarians.